Sunday, July 1, 2012

why the butterflies???

this is the front of their house...they lived there for almost 50 years.

my favorite picture of them...gandy fought in world war II...can't you just feel the love and adoration between them...

nana and gandy with sweet ella nichole...

gandy with my precious noah...

days before my grandfather went to be with Jesus, he was having a conversation with my grandmother about heaven. they were discussing what it would be like, look like...ya know...the usual items that come up in a heaven talk. my grandmother, being the sweet woman that she is, said, "do you think i'll be a pink butterfly when i get to heaven?" now my grandfather could have responded in a multitude of ways, but he chose to respond in a way that summed up their entire marriage, life, and true love they shared for one another. "well, if you're gonna be a pink butterfly, then i'm gonna be a blue one." my grandparents, gandy and nana, are the perfect examples of 'true'. true love seeped out of their hearts and souls. i've never really been a butterfly loving person, but after that, i have a different opinion about the insect. my gandy has gone to be with the Lord and my nana is still waiting to join him in heaven. every time i see a blue butterfly i am reminded of their love for one another and the unbelievable love that God has for us all.

i thought i was very fitting that my first post be about their 'true'-ness.  what i have taken away from my grandparents is to hard, love long, love purely, and love truly.  we are only on this great earth for such a short time...why not love with everything you've got?  i know without a shadow of a doubt that gandy loved me.  and, i must say, it feels wonderful.  

truly yours,