Thursday, July 5, 2012

the beginning...

january 28, 2011.  i will remember this date forever...not only because it's ella's second birthday date, but this day marked the beginning of my photography career.  my mom wanted really good pictures of my kiddos so she decided to go out and buy a fancy camera.  i told her that i was pretty sure there was more to good pictures than just a camera.  but, when she gets something on her war III couldn't stop her.  we were so excited when she brought the camera home.  like kids in a candy store.  about a week later, on ella's second birthday, i dolled her up in the new dress my mom had hand-made for her, got her headband all ready, and we were off with this new picture taking device.  i had no idea what i was doing.  i set the camera to 'auto' and started clicking away.  i got more pictures of the back of her head than anything else.  :)  gotta love 2 year olds.  :)  when we got home i uploaded all the pictures on my pink laptop and this one obviously stood out from the rest.  it had soul.  her eyes. those lips. i was honestly kinda impressed with myself.  this print hangs in the hallway of our house and everyday it brings a smile to my face.  it was the mark of a new beginning for me.  after this i was hooked.  i couldn't get enough.  i began researching, calling fellow photogs, and trying to soak in as much as i could about this new adventure.  growing up i was never the artistic one in the bunch.  athletic, definitely...but i couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life.  i put off taking art class til my senior year in high school just to avoid the sheer embarrassment.  but, i have always adored pictures.  i was always that picture freak with a camera wherever i went...  so, this seemed to fit me perfectly.  :)  and, then, out of nowhere i had a full business going.  it was crazy!  what most people don't know is that my entire life i have always wanted to stay home with my children during these early years.  it was looking like i was going to have to go back to teaching when God randomly placed this in my heart and in my hands.  so, when you look at this photo of my darling daughter, i'm sure you see her true beauty.  her loveliness, childhood, innocence, and those soulful eyes.  trust me, i see all those things, too.  but, the main thing i see when i look at this photo is the Lord.  i see His truth.  this photo represents a promise to me...'noah's rainbow' if you will.  God gave me the desires of my be able to stay home and raise my children.  and not only did he give me that, but he also gave me a sense of purpose through photography.  God always goes above and beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.  show off.  :)

truly yours,