Thursday, September 20, 2012

the haircut...

well, it's official...this little girl is a true, 100%, girly girl.  she hung out with me for three hours at the salon today and ate up every second of it.  with her pink lip gloss applied perfectly; she sat so still and perfect as miss natali washed, cut, dried, and styled her precious hair.  it was such a fun, heart warming day for me.  i am absolutely loving this new stage of our relationship.  she loves to put on my MAC make-up, she has more lip gloss than i do, and lately we've been doing each other's hair.  :)  she also loves to wear her boots, hair accessories, and cute clothes...she has great fashion sense.  today was a true moment for me.  my relationship with my daughter is very 'true'.  i am honest with her, i put her in time out, i apologize to her, i brush her hair, i take her to gymnastics, i tell her she is beautiful everyday, and we pray together every night.  i want her to know to the depths of her heart and soul how much i love her and how much Jesus loves her.   my little true baby.  :)

truly yours,